Minutes of 2019 AGM


Annual General Meeting: 17:00h on 14th May 2019 at Dorney Lake Conference Centre

Chair: Dr Stephen Tristram (Chairman)

Minutes taken by: Julie Halford

Philip Coleridge-Smith (President)
Hilary Furber (Secretary)
Haroun Gajraj
Emma Davies
Julie Halford
Claire Judge
Sue Topp
Cheryl Wright
Tonya Foulkes
Kate England
Kim Green
Aga Kieloch
Maddie Groves
Lucy Wilkes
Natalie Pike

1. Apologies: Colin Weir, Martyn King, Alastair Lewis, Zola Mzimba


2. Minutes of the previous AGM dated 15th May 2018

These were accepted as a true record of the meeting


3. Chairman’s Report

Steve Tristram thanked all those involved re the organising of the meeting, especially Philip and Hilary and he felt the meeting today was a success.


4. Treasurers Report (Presented by Hilary Furber)

There was no financial report as Martyn King had to leave early, but the Secretary stated that the meeting had made a small loss. It was agreed to discuss in the next Board conference call to how to put that right next time.


5. Secretary’s Report

Hilary Furber advised that there were 65 members last year and 78 this year. 3 more have joined today.


6. Re-appointment of Accountants and Bankers

It was resolved that Sterling Grove & Co. be reappointed as accountants, and Messrs. NatWest Bank be reappointed bankers.


7. Election of board members

The meeting voted to elect the following for a maximum of four years:

President: Mr Philip Coleridge Smith

Chairman: Dr Stephen Tristram

Treasurer: Dr Martyn King

Haroun Gajraj and Emma Davies were welcomed to the board.



8. Closing remarks

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the AGM.

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