BAS 2018 Conference presentations and demonstrations


(Note: Remember to take a note of any videos you watch, for your CPD record!)

  1. Mr Jonothon Earnshaw, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Gloucester Royal Infirmary
    (i)   Management of perforating veins
    (ii). Laser, RF, Foam or Glue?
  2. Doppler ultrasound evaluation of patients undergoing sclerotherapy
    Dr Steve Tristram, Consultant Vascular Physician, Basingstoke
  3. General Data Protection Regulation 2018 
    Naomi Di-Scala, Aesthetic Insurance and Claims Manager, Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance
  4. Modern Management of Lymphoedema
    Monica Smith, Clinical Trainer, Medi UK Ltd
  5. Complete Ultrasound Evaluation – From Simple to Complicated
    Judy Holdstock, Senior Vascular Scientist, The Whiteley Clinic
  6. Techniques to improve the outcome of sclerotherapy
    Dr Martyn King, Aesthetic Physician, Cosmedic Skin Clinic, Tamworth
  7. How to make foam sclerotherapy work for you
    Colin Weir, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Craigavon Area Hospital
  8. Sclerosant drugs used in modern sclerotherapy.
    Mike Watkins, STD Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Hereford
  9. Pre-treatment evaluation and counselling of microsclerotherapy patients
    Claire Judge, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Royal Free Hospital, London
  10. Complications of sclerotherapy for telangiectases: how to avoid
    Dr Steve Tristram, Consultant Vascular Physician, Basingstoke
  11. Venous anatomy of telangiectases and reticular veins
    Philip Coleridge Smith, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, British Vein Institute


Foam sclerotherapy: Philip Coleridge Smith

Microsclerotherapy: Claire Judge

How to put on a compression stocking: Claire Judge