Ask an Experthow-soon-can-i-fly-after-sclerotherapy
Anon asked 1 year ago
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Hilary Furber Staff answered 1 year ago

It depends on the veins and the length of the flight. The risks of provoking deep vein thrombosis by sclerotherapy for small veins are very small. So we are thinking of a very small risk of DVT. The risks of getting a DVT from a long haul flight ( more than 4 hours) are slight – one DVT occurs after about 4750 long haul flights. So taking one long haul flight increases the risks of DVT infinitesimally!
One further thing to consider is the advice offered by NICE Clinical Guideline which identifies patients at increased risk of DVT. If any of these apply to your patient it would be better to postpone the treatment until after the trip.
I always recommend wearing compression stockings after sclerotherapy for small veins and on long haul flights. These mitigate the risk of DVT in surgical patients (info in NICE CG92).
t will take a few weeks for the bruises to go, so if the trip is for a holiday, a treatment just before the holiday won’t make the legs look any better.
(Answered by Mr Philip Coleridge Smith)

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