BAS Constitution


1.0       TITLE

1.1        The name of the Association shall be The British Association of Sclerotherapists, hereinafter called the “Association”.


2.0       AIMS

The Association is set up to:

  • To raise and maintain standards of responsible, evidence based practice
  • To draw up guidelines for safe, evidence based practice
  • To establish a code of conduct
  • To assess current training and establish standards through accreditation
  • To sponsor workshops (web) and promote continued professional development
  • To give members access to information on training, conferences and research papers
  • To offer guidance and support to members and inform the public, media and allied health professionals
  • To represent practitioners as a respectable body of experts
  • To establish and maintain a register of suitably qualified and insured Sclerotherapists

2.2          In furtherance of the aims the Association may do all such lawful things as are necessary for the attainment of the aims.


3.0       MEMBERSHIP

3.1         Application for membership shall be made to and approved by the Management Committee.

3.1.2      Individual Membership shall be open to any individual over the age of 18 who has paid an annual subscription set by the Board, providing he or she complies with GMC or NMC regulations and good practice guidelines and can demonstrate relevant qualifications and indemnity insurance.  All members are entitled to vote.

3.1.3      Honorary or life membership may be awarded to any individual in the UK at the express direction of the Board. Honorary members are entitled to vote.

3.2         The Secretary shall notify the AGM of new members.

3.3         The AGM may elect honorary members who shall be entitled to all privileges of members.

3.4          The Association may elect a Patron, with a non-voting capacity, who would be invited to the AGM.


4.0       OFFICERS

4.1         The Association may have a President to be elected every four years at the AGM.

4.2         The Association shall have a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to be elected every four years at the AGM.

4.3.1      The Association may have additional officers to be elected to the Board annually at the AGM.

4.3.2      The elected Officers shall hold office for a maximum term of four consecutive years, at the expiration of which they shall be eligible for re-election.



5.1         There shall be an AGM held each year for which at least 21 days prior notice shall be provided to all members together with an agenda.

5.2         The President or the Chair shall preside at the AGM. In the absence of both, the Management Committee shall elect a Chair for that meeting.

5.3          A quorum shall be the Chair plus three Officers and five members.

5.4          The Business of the AGM shall include reports from: the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and shall also include:

–              Election of the President, Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and any other Officers.  Nominations for Officers must be submitted in writing or taken from the floor, subject to the nominee’s agreement.

–              Election of Bankers and a Chartered Accountant, who shall be independent of the Association.

–              Any other business, which may be requested in writing by any member of the Association, provided it reaches the Chair at least ten days before the AGM.

5.5          Reporting Officers unable to attend shall submit a written report to the Chair prior to the meeting.

5.6          Each member of the Association present shall have one vote in connection with each motion put before the AGM. A resolution will require a simple majority. In the event of equal votes the Chair shall have the casting vote. All votes shall be taken by a show of hands unless the meeting resolves otherwise.  The Association may affiliate with other organisations upon agreement with the members and agreed at an AGM.



6.1         The Management Committee shall consist of the President, Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and up to five members elected at the AGM.

6.2        Management Committee may appoint sub committees as and when necessary.

6.3          All such committees shall report to the Committee who shall devise their rules for working.


7.0        FINANCE

7.1         The Committee shall set the annual subscriptions which shall be payable by members, which shall then be proposed at the AGM.

7.2        Annual subscriptions shall fall due on 1st April. Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed, should any member’s subscription not be paid within one month of that date, unless good reason be provided to the satisfaction of the Committee. The Management Committee may set a reduced subscription for members joining after 30th September, if it is considered appropriate.

7.3         The Association’s accounts shall run from 1st April to 31st March.

7.4          The appointment of bankers and accountants shall be made by the Treasurer on the decision of the AGM.

7.4         All monies shall be administered by the Treasurer or the appointed Administrator (in consultation with the Treasurer) who will pay incoming monies into a bank or building society account in the name of the association.  The Treasurer shall arrange, in consultation with the Management Committee, for the proper investment of any available balance. The Treasurer shall account to the Management Committee for all monies.

7.5         Any withdrawals from Association funds shall be against the signatures of any two of the President, Management Committee Chair, Secretary, Treasurer or appointed Administrator, or as may be required by rules of the Bank.

7.6        Travel expenses shall not generally be available for Committee or Board members, except in special circumstances by advance application to and agreement by the Treasurer.  Advance  notification of other expenses likely to be incurred by the members, in connection with the work of the committees, shall be made to the Treasurer for approval, who shall recompense the approved amounts to members upon their application with receipts.

7.7         The Treasurer shall prepare financial forecasts based on assessment of Association income  and expenditure to be presented to the AGM and/or half yearly meetings.



8.1         Any proposal to alter the constitution must be approved at an AGM or an extraordinary meeting of the Management Committee. At least 21 days prior notice shall be provided.

8.2          A revised constitution shall be subject to approval at the next AGM.

8.3        Such a proposal shall be accompanied by a copy of the relevant part of the existing Constitution and proposed amendments in the documentation for the AGM.



9.1         If the actions of any member shall, in the opinion of the Committee, be injurious to the interests of the Association, the Committee is empowered to suspend that member.


10.1        The Association may be dissolved only at the AGM or at a special meeting convened for the purpose of dissolution.  At least the President, Secretary and Chair must be present.  The motion to dissolve must be carried by three quarters of members present and voting.

10.2      Before a vote for or against dissolution be taken, the meeting shall determine how the assets of the Association shall be disposed of in the event of the motion to dissolve being carried.

This Constitution was revised and adopted by the Management Committee on the 27th day of June 2011

Signed      P. Coleridge Smith (President)

Signed      S. Tristram  (Chair)

Signed      H.  Furber (Secretary)


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