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The Association is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and is run for the benefit of its members.

Foam sclerotherapy as an acceptable alternative to surgery for varicose veins is growing in popularity in the UK and it is likely that, as in the rest of the world individuals with a particular interest in venous disease will emerge as a distinct group. Phlebologists come from a diverse background including vascular, dermatology, general surgery, nursing etc and may be working closely with vascular technologists or may develop these skills themselves.

To date there are no set standards of training/professional development or practice. Although 50% of the population suffer from unsightly thread veins there is no treatment available on the NHS and GPs have little knowledge of this treatment and cannot refer patients with any confidence because of the lack of established standards.

Members abide by a code of conduct and have access to continuing professional development through annual meetings and regular e-newsletters, mentoring and networking.

The membership is represented and supported by a body of experts whose role is to establish consensus on best practice and inform and educate members, the public and allied health professionals to ensure high standards of treatment are available and accessible. The board meets regularly to address issues of relevance and or concern to members and represents members to all stakeholders.

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