Gold sponsor package – sclerotherapy workshop

Our headline Gold Sponsorship package costs £500 and will be limited to one sponsor only. It offers:


  • Display your corporate logo and link in prime position on BAS email marketing, delegate communications and social media 
  • Your logo and link in premium position on the BAS event webpage and on the live and on-demand registration form, and your contact details on the post-event feedback form
  • Your logo on all pages of the BAS website for 12 months, with a link either to your website or to your own sponsored page on the BAS website
  • Your logo and link on the on-demand video
  • Acknowledgement and thanks from the BAS chairman during the opening and closing addresses

Advertising & Promotion

  • A dedicated mailout to BAS mailing lists and delegates either before or after the event; your logo and link in prime position in a ‘BAS Sponsors’ mailout.
  • A 5 minute speaker presentation, demonstration or promo video in prime viewing spot
  • Personal Zoom breakout room for delegates who wish to meet or chat with you during or after the event

3 Complimentary virtual delegate places

These can be used by your representatives, or you can sponsor a customer or any other guest to take up one of these places. A competition for a free place, for example, provides excellent scope for promotion.

Attendee list: Post-event list of delegates who have opted in to sponsor communications

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