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Access indispensable know-how from expert BAS and guest speakers, case presentations, lively panel discussions and Q&A with audience participation. 

Cost per webinar: BAS members £19.50, Non-members £39. 

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#5.  30th March 2021 6:30 – 7:30 – Optimising the patient journey

How to increase engagement and patient satisfaction

  • The Sales Funnel: Don’t let page views and phone enquiries turn into missed opportunities (Dr Haroun Gajraj, Phlebologist)
  • Building rapport and trust throughout the consultation, assessement and selection process (Emma Davies RGN NIP)
  • Skillful expectation management (Claire Judge RGN NIP)
  • Consent: You’ll be glad you did it properly if disaster strikes (Mr Philip Coleridge Smith, Vascular Surgeon)
  • Aftercare and building ongoing loyalty (Dr Martyn King, Aesthetic Physician)

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#1. Varicose vein treatments in 2020: Reconciling patient and practitioner priorities 

Speakers Prof Bruce Campbell, Mr Philip Coleridge Smith and Mr Manjit Gohel together with a panel of experienced vascular surgeons and phlebologists debate the merits and downsides of the many treatment modalities currently available for varicose veins and saphenous reflux, and consider how to reconcile patient concerns, financial considerations and achieving the best possible clinical and cosmetic outcomes.  Read more…

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#2. Post-sclerotherapy compression: Is there a best practice consensus and how compelling is the evidence? You be the judge – is it needed at all?

Speakers: Mr Philip Coleridge Smith, Dr Torsten Willenberg, Miss Catharine McGuinness  Read more….

Exponents of both sides of this hotly debated question present their views and invite panellists and audience to challenge their arguments.  How much difference does compression really make? How long for? How compliant are patients, in honesty? What are the pros and cons, and what is the evidence?
Whether your practice incorporates microsclerotherapy or foam sclerotherapy you will benefit from this informed debate, and you may even change your own practice as a result.

This webinar has already taken place. You can register to watch the recording, click here.

#3. Techniques to reduce the risk of complications and come-backs after foam and microsclerotherapy

Speakers include Dr Stephen Tristram, Mr Philip Coleridge Smith, Dr Haroun Gajraj  Read more….

How to minimise the risk of complications and adverse sequelae: discussion of case presentations, question the speakers and panel and inform your own practice.

–   How to identify the small proportion of patients that will present significant problems
–   Why small veins – spider veins, telangiectases – are much more difficult to treat than large veins
–   Why some thread veins are resistant
–   How to manage patient expectations effectively
–   Imaging and assessing small veins and reticular veins
–   Large vein and systemic complications

This webinar has already taken place. You can register to watch the recording, click here.

#4. The latest exciting imaging devices – do they live up to the hype?

NIR, handheld portable ultrasound for under £2k, thermal imaging well under £500, transillumination devices and cross polarised illumination and magnification – should practitioners be investing in these? Members of the BAS board have tried them out and share their evaluations and tips

Speakers include Mr Zola Mzimba, Dr Haroun Gajraj, Dr Stephen Tristram and Mr Philip Coleridge Smith  Read more…

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