Unique CPD opportunity: in-clinic shadowing

Posted 3rd August 2022 by Hilary Furber

Where can practitioners find ongoing sclerotherapy CPD?

There are myriad one day training courses for beginners who wish to learn the basics of sclerotherapy but far fewer opportunities for practitioners looking to further develop their skills. Options include:

  • An experienced colleague willing to mentor or share their expertise
  • Attending conferences
  • Online resources such as sclerotherapy webinars, YouTube videos, social media groups
  • Trial and error

The British Association of Sclerotherapists now offers a unique CPD opportunity to practitioners wishing to fast-track their skills development. Spend half a day in clinic shadowing one of our highly experienced members and observe UGFS and/or microsclerotherapy consultations and treatments. We will match you with a practitioner who carries out the type of treatments you wish to observe. Current locations include London and the Home Counties, Hampshire and Dublin.

For further details please email us [email protected]