BAS 2014 Annual Meeting

The British Association of Sclerotherapists held a one day conference in Meriden near Birmingham.

The meeting included presentations by eminent experts in the field of phlebology and sclerotherapy.

Live demonstrations followed including both foam and liquid sclerotherapy.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of ‘Pearls and Pitfalls’.

The meeting programme is shown below.



British Association of Sclerotherapists


The Manor Hotel, Meriden

127 Main Rd, Meriden, Solihull CV7 7NH


Tuesday 20 May 2014

09.00h                   Registration, tea and coffee

09.45h                   Welcome

Mr Philip Coleridge Smith, President of the BAS

09.50-10.10h          NICE publications on venous disease: are they really nice?

                            Prof Andrew Bradbury, Birmingham

10.10-10.30h          Leg Ulcers, Foam sclerotherapy and EVRA

Mr Gareth Bate, Birmingham

10.30-10.50h          From Varisolve to Varithena – a journey

                            David Wright, BTG

10.50-11.05h         European and Union Internationale de Phlébologie guidelines on sclerotherapy.

Philip Coleridge Smith, President of the BAS                                                 

11.05-11.20h          Selecting the proper sclerosant, sclerosant concentration and volume.

                            Dr Steve Tristram, Consultant Vascular Physican, Basingstoke                              



11.20-12.00h       Coffee (visit trade exhibition and poster presentations)

12.00-12.15h          Sclerotherapy guidelines – the process of consent

                            Liz Bardolph

12.15-12.30h          Sclerotherapy guidelines for the BAS

                            Sue Topp & Philip Coleridge Smith

12.30-12.45h         Compression after sclerotherapy: critical evaluation of the evidence.

                            Claire Judge                        

12.45-13.00h         Alternatives to sclerotherapy (eg lasering, VeinWave, vit K creams etc)   

                            John Fisher


12.00-13.00h       Lunch (visit trade exhibition and poster presentations)


Live Demonstrations

14.00 – 14.30h       Foam sclerotherapy

                            Philip Coleridge Smith

14.30 – 14.45h       Doppler ultrasound assessment of veins for small and large vein problems

                            Philip Coleridge Smith

14.45 – 15.30h       Microsclerotherapy

                            Julie Halford and Claire Judge


15..30-16.00h      Afternoon session

15.30-16.00h         Case presentations by member of the BAS

                            Any volunteers?

16.00-16.15h         Pearls and Pitfalls – Top Tips

                            Dr Steve Tristram, Consultant Vascular Physican, Baskingstoke.

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