BAS Workshop, Amersham 29 May 2015

A joint meeting of the:

British Association of Sclerotherapists and British Vein Institute

A BAS workshop was held at the Amersham Clinic of the British Vein Instite.

Mr Philip Coleridge Smith, President of the BAS, guided discussion on a wide subject area of phlebology and sclerotherapy. The presenations included video demonstrations of a wide range of techniques used to treat varicose veins.

The programme for this meeting follows:

‘Sclerotherapy of large and small veins: from the basics to advanced skills.

All you need to succeed in a sclerotherapy practice’


Subjects areas:

Training for sclerotherapy

Who can do sclerotherapy?

What training and skills are required?

What are thread veins?

The anatomy of thread veins, reticular veins and varicose veins.

How do these types of vein interact?

What symptoms do these veins cause?

Pharmacology of the sclerosants that we use.

What is used in the UK and the World?

What is licensed?

Prescribing of sclerosants: who can or can’t

Which patients to treat?

Those suitable

Those less suitable

Those unsuitable.


What to ask the patient

Examination: what to look for

Tests for venous disease

Do we need tests?

Which investigations are useful?

VeinLite – what does this do?

How to do CW Doppler

What about duplex ultrasound – who needs this?

Equipment needed

Needles, syringes

?Clean the skin


How much in which veins?

Where to start?

When to stop!

Where not to inject


Post-treatment compression

When to review

What to do at review

Which veins next



‘Trapped’ blood


Vein won’t go

When to phone a friend ie when to refer to a surgeon

Adverse events


Vasculitic response – embolia cutis medicamentosa



What about big veins?

How to test for

How to treat: foam, laser, RF etc etc,

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